Scale assistant

I thought the new scale assistant wouldn’t be much help - how wrong I was! I used it yesterday to create some harmony parts in just a few seconds. Very impressive!

Yes it is !
It’s one of the C11 features that is incredible valulable to me.

Yes I agree also :slight_smile:
I have used similar in FL Studio 12.5 before,coming over to Cubase
As a non keyboardist its a great help

Has anyone also got the Scaler VsT plugin? That’s an awesome plugin for chords and scale construction,I have learnt a lot about how scales and chords fit together with this.

Dave, I have Scaler 2 and its well has tons of neat features I just wish the scale assistant would work the same. It doesn’t, live input plays the wrong note and corrects it on the recording this is not good as I cant play a good melody if it sound horrible. ( this is when it actually works —sometimes lol)
So I just keep using scaler it works quite well
and I found the Scale assistant in live input mode cause all kinds of problems they need to fix it
I am disappointed that Steinberg could not get it, but the scaler2 guys seem to know how to make it work

Make sure you have enabled record within the midi key editor. Then it works

Honestly cubase 11 pro is absolutely incredible.

Such a joy to use. So powerful. So feature rich. You literally don’t need any third party plugins. I’m starting to use more and more in the box plugins rather than third party as time goes on. It has everything and more.

I agree,drdrdrdr
enable record within the midi editor.
I couldn’t work out why the scale assistant was placing wrong notes when all the options were ticked in particular the live input one :laughing:

Still its a good step forward in terms of functionality. I will still user Scaler 2,lots more features in that :slight_smile:

Scaler 2 has great features for sure but honestly with the new scale assistant you really don’t need it especially when coupled with the chord track. Cubase already gives you suggested chord progressions etc. I can see myself using scaler less and less.cubase really is becoming a one stop shop high quality all in one daw.

Yep for sure, but always good to have options and tools when working with scales and chords :smiley: