Scale detection?

Cubase 11 pro.

So just that Im on the same page with you:
I put some chords on a chord track or midi track and was not sure about the scale that I fit best with my chords. So I have to go online and use a scale analyzer to answer me that.

But this can be done somehow in cubase right ?!

Kind of - but I don’t find it very satisfactory. On the Chord Track’s Inspector you can enable Automatic Scales which does what you want but in a very literal manner. If all your Chords are in scale it will work as expected. But when you have Chords not in the scale (e.g. a major-minor substitution, secondary dominants etc.) it will create a new Scale Event. This can result in the scale changing all over the place, which I find annoying. Your mileage may vary.

Also (not at DAW to verify exact steps) if you select a bunch of Chords on the Chord Track and then change or add a Scale Event the only Scales it will show are ones that contain all the selected chords. Depending on the selected Chords this may result in zero Scales.

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