Scale Editor not showing scales

What’s up with the scale editor, just tried to use it and it doesn’t look like it works at all. When I click on the scales to show everything gets one shade when I turn it off shades pop up and when I sellect scales nothing happens. Can anyone explain how to use this? Or is it another thing that is broken?


Here is the explanation.

It would be nice if you would study, how the feature is supposed to work before you start complaining it doesn’t work.


It doesn’t do what the expanlation says, did you look at the video I have posted?

Show me where are the guidelines please?

Hi - you will need to play around with the ‘Editor background colour scheme’ parameters in the Preferences to make the differences more obvious for yourself. It is about the darker and lighter shades of rows pertaining to the notes, in the main display area.

See also here (although this too isn’t as obvious as it could be.!) :-

I mean, please have a look at my video. Scale editor is completely broken, nothing work. It doesn’t snap to pitch, it doesn’t change the grid lines to reflect the scale, and guidelines are showing when unchecked and dissapear when the mark is checked!

I was responding to this

I don’t know enough theory to comment on ‘snap to pitch’ results… (is it dependent on having a Chord Track in place.? Dunno). Anyhow, seems to work ok in Dom’s video I posted above.

And this…

…I think, could be because of how your ‘Editor background’ colour preferences are currently setup. Right now the colour/shading is appearing to do the opposite of what you want to see. You’ll need to experiment, is the long and short of it…

I’m out of here.

The video shows Cubase 11 I am talking about Cubase 12. The editor color background is set to default same happens. I knew the Cubase UI was terrible but I didn’t know that you could reverese the shading to show guidelines when the box is unchecked. Anyhow, the actual reason for this is becasue it is broken. Do you have Cubase 12 can you show how the scale assistant works?


If you are talking about Cubase 12, why do you attach video from Cubase 11, please?

What do you mean? The video I have posted is Cubase 12 not Cubase 11. It wasn’t me who attached Cubase 11 video it was @Puma0382

That’s an odd one, Need to ascertain if this is a display issue, or something else.
Does the snap to pitch function work when you move the notes?
(i.e. do they snap to the scale)

If they don’t it may suggest that something is up with your scale definitions, perhaps?

How does your Musical Scale Setup screen look? Does it have the notes highlighted correct in there?

It is very bizzare I just launched empty project and it works fine.

Some sort of random glitch then, perhaps? I don’t use the function a great deal, but never seen it do that before, must admit.

I believe this is factory default setup

I am not sure but this happens in the project I have posted that also has other issues you can find it here you can check if you also have this issue in that project?

Any update on this issue? @Martin.Jirsak

You have not provided a way to reproduce it, and it has not been reported by anyone else, so there is no update for anyone to provide.

Since it does not happen in a new project, there’s something about the project with the problem that is unique to it.

If there really is some kind of issue, give steps for someone to reproduce.`

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What are you sying??? read above please! I have uploaded the project. I said this issue is in the project with the link to it. It is called midi

Just launch the project and try to use scale assistant

There aren’t any uploads in this topic from you.

But in any case, I suggest you open a support ticket and post the project you refer to with them, which would give you an official document with Steinberg.

I’ll close this one now.