Scale from MIDI modifiers not working

Hey All,
I have tried to use Cubase 7 and MIDI modifier plugin to get different scales.
It doesn’t work. I know I used to use it with EW play and it worked fine. Don’t remember what version of cubase though.

It seems that first half of the scale works but second half is doubling notes on the keyboard and not working properly, it doesn’t micro tune the values. Also, Micro Tuner is not working at all!

I have tried this with EW PLAY, OMNISPHERE, HALLION SE, PROLOGUE and get the same results.

Is this really a problem or I am over-seeing something?

Please Help!

Aloha r,
A shot-in-da-dark here but
Is it possible that the behavior you expect from prior use has changed
because of the new ‘Hermode Tuning’ feature in C7?

I am really enjoying this new feature but I do have to ‘activate’ it
in the Project Set-up window or it just won’t work.

Could it be that as of C7, the Micro-tuning feature has to be ‘activated’ in a similar way?

HTH (hope this helps)

Hm…project setup window?

Shift+S ???

I’ll try to do this when I get to my work computer

And Pland B is to install C 6.5 on Mountain Lion !!!


Hm., well Hermode Tuning and Midi Modifiers are totally separate and unrelated. Midi modifiers works on midi data, while the microtuning and hermode functions send non-midi messages.

I just tested a C maj scale on a track routed to Kontakt, which does not support hermode and microtone messages.

Midi modifiers worked as normal.

Of course, if you are modifying a 7 tone scale like major to a 5 tone scale like pentatonic, you will end up with two notes on the same pitch, since the insert transposes the original to the closest pitch in the chosen scale.

e.g., my C maj scale ends up with two E’s and two A’s. Could that be what you mean when you say ‘doubles’?

Yes, that is exactly what it is…
Well, I have expected to be playing certain scales on white keys only without having doubles…