Scale input transformer

I know how to play my instruments to the scale set in the chord track. At the moment you can play any key not in the scale and will transform it to a key in the scale set in the chord track. Is there anyway to disable the midi keys not in the scale. For example if D# is not in the scale it will not let me play any sounds when I press that key in my midi keyboard. My music theory knowledge is very limited and maybe this question does not make sense but just wanted to improve my playing ability by being able to remember scales.

Have a look at the Input Transformer preset “Musical context - Delete Notes that do not Match the Current Scale”.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, The Musical Context filter isn’t available in the Input Transformer. (That would be quite awesome though)

But if you’re willing to do a bit of work, you can create presets to do this.

As an example, here’s a Transformer preset that sets the velocity of notes not in C Harmonic Minor to zero- by multiplying Value 2 by zero. (Value 2 of a midi note is Velocity- value 1 is the pitch. )

Now, these notes won’t sound, nor will they be recorded. Takes a bit of time, But it looks like a cool way to self-learn scales and modes.

Here’s the path to the folder:
%AppData%\Steinberg\Cubase 10_64\Presets\Input Transformer (687 Bytes)

Apologies, true, it’s actually in the Logical Editor.

I settled for the cales vst. Does exactly what I need.