Scale Sheet Question

Hello everyone - loving my time with Dorico so far and have been redoing a lot of my old worksheets for students in Dorico. Here is one I want to make sure I’m doing correctly.

Trying to get a scale sheet showing all minor scales with the name of the scale

I’ve put each scale into its own flow, and adjusted the frame on a part master page - but I’m having trouble figuring out a good way to align each of the names. When editing a master sheet there isn’t a preview of the music - so aligning a text box to each staff is a lot of back and forth between master page/preview/reset zoom because the text box is small etc. I’ve been trying to add a text box for each staff with the flowtitle token - but maybe I’ve overcomplicated it…

wondering if there is a better way to go about doing this.

I’ve attached the project file as well as an image of what I’m going after.


Minor Scale EXAMPLE - (844 KB)

You can make text items at the downbeat of each staff, then select them all and drag them into place. Much easier.

Here’s a start:

Oh yeah that is way better. I was for sure overthinking it…

My other thought was to export the scales without labels as graphic slices and do the “handout” version for the kids in Affinity Publisher.

Thanks so much!

Just started messing with this - works faster but looks like I have to manually place each of them for each part now. Can I copy the layout of the text to other parts?

Hmm… I didn’t think about that.

OK, I have a better idea. Use system text, not staff text. Then in the properties panel, select the option for “align to system.” Then you’ll be able to select all of the text at once and drag it into position.

Edit: oh darn, except system objects (like system text) can’t propagate across layouts. Well, it’s still not too bad. You can select all of the text items in the layout and drag them equally at once, since if they are aligned to the left edge of the system, they will all be at the exact same position.

Still, it would be nice to have a regular option to place a flow title or number in front of the first staff instead of a bulky header above it. It would save a lot of space in cases like this. It has been suggested before, so maybe, eventually…