Scale velocity values proportionally and non destructively


How can scale velocities through another controller (eg line / curve etc.)? I already know how to do that in a destructive manner, but that’s not what i’m after.

I’d like to do draw that “modifier” in the key editor if possible. Something like an add/scale operator applied to velocity.

Any ideas?

Midi Modifiers with Automation may offer what you’re looking for.


Thanks. I don’t like automation much because automation curves don’t follow the parts on the timeline (x axis) when you move them. Is there a way to link automation to parts?

Have you tried the Preferences > Edit setting: Automation Follows Events ?

Thanks. Meanwhile i found that function myself. Nonetheless i’d prefer doing it all in the key editor.

then I don’t know what to say

It would be very nice if we could overlay a modifier curve in the key editor controller lanes. It would then display the original data, modifier curve and result of combining both.

sounds like a feature request - and if it’s that, you may want to post it as such

I think you’re right. I should compose a feature request.

Done. Please look here: