Scaler 2.4.1 in Reaper - exported mxl file - imported to Dorico Elements 3.5

Not sure if I will use it regularly but sometimes chord progressions give me a spark of inspiration. As an experiment today I created a chord progression in Reaper using Scaler 2.4.1. I made a midi recording in Scaler 2 and dragged the midi result to a separate track in Reaper containing Cinematic Studio Piano in order to test it. Then I opened the midi track in Reaper’s midi editor, switched to notation view and finally exported the mxl file that I later successfully imported to Dorico Elements 3.5. In principle this works although Dorico seems to treat chords derived by this method as one item split between the two clefs which is perfectly OK for my purposes. I wonder if any other forum member has done something similar.