Scaler 2

Hi folks

I realise Cubase 9.5 Pro is the earliest version which is mentioned to be ‘OK’ with inside the Scaler 2 manual, im using Cubase 8.5 Pro and am finding with the Trial version of Scaler 2 that every 20 secs or so I have a ‘sea waves crashing on a beach’ sound creeping in after adding Scaler 2 as an instrument channel and playing a few notes, which stays for about 5 secs then dissappears, then reappears again.

If I open the Mix console, I can see that the sound is being generated by Scaler 2 and as soon as i close the channel down the ‘sea waves’ sounds is silenced. I would like to update cubase and this is prompting me to do that but before buying the cubase update and paying for the full version of scaler 2 id like to know where the issue is, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi MJ76,
the “sea wave” has nothing to do with your Cubase version.
It’s a security setting in the trial version of scaler 2.
This wave sound is annoying, but your ears will get used to it after a time.
Jay F