Scales/Modes practice project

I thought I would share this. Maybe someone will find it useful.
It is a Cubase 8 project using stock instruments and plug-ins. It has piano, bass, guitar, and drums, which follow a chord track. It has an audio input for a guitar.
I built it in order to practice scale and mode changes.
The idea is that you can easily change the chords on the chord track to a progression of your liking.
It currently only goes through four chords changes but, of course, the MIDI parts could easily be copied to create more chords in the progression.
Funny, because when the chord track came out, I wasn’t interested in it because I was thinking from a composing standpoint primarily, but then I realized it could be handy for creating a practice template.
Happy to hear your comments and/or suggestions…

Great idea.
Thank you for sharing.

I’ll check it out this evening.

My practice template includes tempo and signature tracks with Track Versions for various BPM and time signatures.
A workspace is set up for the Key and Score editors if I need to work through a challenging passage when sight reading. Also audio tracks for guitar and bass; GA4, and H5 for piano or organ.

Works great!

Very cool practice template!

Mine is usually set up blank.
See attachment for example of signature track versions.
Rehearsal Template.png

That’s a great idea, and it’s a great idea to share it here. I’m away for the weekend but will try it out next week. From my point of view this might be helpful not only as a practise template but also as a means of encouraging me to lok at the chord stuff in Cubase, which I’ve never used. Thanks.