Scaling contents page beginnings of flows

Hello there. Happy new year to all.

Creating Contents page, and want to include flows’ beginnings. Is there a way to scale those examples, without changing the scale of the actual flows?

Many thanks in advance.

Are you talking about adding incipits to the content page?
If so, there is (IIRC) a John Baron Discover Dorico video on using frames that illustrates how to do this.

Thank you Derrek!
However, how do I scale them? It seems that when I scale them to a different size, the whole flow scales to that different size, as well.

Insert a system break at the beginning of the flow in the specific frame you want to scale, then select the system break signpost, open the Properties panel, and set the ‘Global staff size’ property to something smaller.

Thank you very much Daniel.
It seems to be working with the first incipit. However, I can’t seem to achieve the same result with the second incipit. I inserted a system break, etc. but I suspect that my unsuccessful result could have something to do with the frame chains (?); (When I “filter by flow” and choose the second flow the incipit does not show the sign post.)
I will look more into it.

If you’re having problems, by all means zip up your project and attach it here. I’m sure the solution will be a simple one.

[SOLVED] Many thanks Daniel. All is well now.