scaling dotted notes - how to?

Thanks for the new scaling options in Dorico 1.2. Very welcome addition!

I want to make a dotted note smaller, but I only can scale down the note and the dot remains big (see picture).
How can I change the size of the dot as well?

Rhythm dots are a bit fiddly, I’m afraid: Dorico has sophisticated grouping code for dots so that you don’t end up with too many or too few in complex situations, but in more common situations like this you can end up with a single group, and Dorico has to choose one scale factor for the whole group. For safety purposes we have it choosing the largest scale factor for the group, rather than the smallest.

I can also do it the other way round and get a tiny dot after a normal note, when I use the custom scale box.
Both ways it doesn’t look very good to me. Is it possible to ungroup the dots?

It’s not currently possible to ungroup the dots, I’m afraid.