Scaling in Windows 10

Hi all,
I read that Cubase 10 now supports scaling for high DPI monitor, but support is limited for Windows 10.
How can one figure out (before buying and trying, of course), if it will scale properly in their case?

Well, I can tell you that it does NOT scale well on my Win 10 install. It’s just as fuzzy as the last versions. And when you enable “high dpi” in the general preferences, everything just doubles in size. Haha. It’s the worst. Steinberg got it right with Wavelab, I don’t know why Cubase is such a mess.

My experience is, that the normal scaling seems to be better than it was on 9.5. My 4k screen on 150% is actually very good now. I had a weird problem with my menu bar, that sometimes the graphics stopped working and the location of the menus changed to basic fonts. That’s also fixed now.

But when I use HiDPI, indeed, I get 200% size… (which is basically full HD…)

Read this about that :slight_smile: :

I have this uneasy feeling that after years of being told the Windows version of Cubase was better Steinberg has shifted the development priorities disproportionately to macOS.

First we got the kludgey menu bar that tries to emulate macOS and now we get integer hiDPI scaling… can anyone guess which operating system is based on 2x assets for its hiDPI modes? Yeah.

Apparently proper hiDPI is being worked on at least, but really it’s a bit crazy C10 gets released in this condition.

And C10 still doesn’t even support the standard Windows taskbar progress bar: TaskbarItemInfo.ProgressValue Property (System.Windows.Shell) | Microsoft Learn

Hoping we get a course correction soon. Following a couple more Windows standards wouldn’t hurt!

Yes, the GUI scaling in 10 has obvious issues under Windows 10. The Slate plugins have graphical glitches even running in non hiDPI mode. They work fine in 9.5. I tried every recommended scaling setting and most of my 3rd party plugins are way too small to the point of being unusable. Plugin scaling is the main reason my recent transition to Windows from Mac has been painful. All my plugins scale perfectly under OSX using version 10.


And just to clarify, I’m not saying there’s any incompetence from the part of the Windows developers at Steinberg. For stuff like the taskbar thing I get the feeling there are some technical reasons with the way the export process works that this is not just a simple thing to add. Would simply like to see more resources put into this area.

that has been my feeling for a while and this issue only goes to reinforce those feelings unfortunately. All the demo’s seem to be done on OSX now, that didn’t used to be the case.


Working fine here on my HD monitor. HiDI selected and scaled to 125% result excellent. 9.5 now looks positively fuzzy. Running windows 10 with latest updates.

Not sure it works for some and not others but I assume much depends on your monitor and in particular the % of scaling you use.

Again, set your expectations accurately by reading this knowledgebase article about HiDPI support in Cubase 10.

Since that reverts to 100%, you can get the same result in Cubase 9.5 by doing this:

I’d actually like to try the other way around. I have my Windows set to 150%, but I’d like my cubase to be 100% (so full 4K resolution).

I’ve searched everywhere, tried different combinations (like HiDPI in Cubase on/off combined with allt he settings in the DPI settings for the program in the shortcut), but I can’t seem to get it to work. Anybody have any ideas?

I couldn’t figure out a way to run C10 at 100% on 150%, though that’s exactly what I’ve liked to do before for C9 and N8 (using that compatibility setting). Looks like that choice doesn’t exist now. Would be nice if we still had this option going forward.

Hello Steinberg,

can you please comment on this, whether a proper implementation will be available in the C10 line of fixes
(i.e. not only doubling the size when a scaling of 125-175 is set in Windows with HiDPI)?

Or do we have to wait another 1-2 years, paying lots of dollars for that fix?

The half-ass implementation of some features in C10 is really annoying meanwhilst.
And by no means it seems helpful to tell your users to set their expectations accurately, just because you decided to do it half-way.

Really disappointing…

I’m on Surface Pro 4, so on a small 12’’ screen with 2736x1824 resolution (not quite 4K, but close) and enabling high-DPI in settings simply makes Cubase 10 Pro unusable - all the GUI elements are too big, starting screen doesn’t fit on the screen, most of 3rd plugins are tiny (NI, Waves, Soundtoys). The only solution is to force Surface Pro 4 into lower resolution (found 1620x1080 to work best) and then it’s acceptable, albeit blurry, especially the fonts…

Please fix that Steinberg. My other DAWs like Bitwig, Live or even Reason that got VSTs in late 2017 roll on the floor laughing seeing how you implemented highDPI “support”.

I said on a previous post it was working perfectly with HiDPI selected and my PC Monitor scaled at 125% and so it is. However some 3rd part plugins get cropped which means I have had to revert to 100% scaling which is real strain on my eye’s. Alternatively switch off HiDPI and get a blurry GUI which is also a strain on the eyes.Hopefully in a future update they will sort scaling out and get it working on a par with Live 10 also HiDPI which allows you to zoom the GUI from 100 to 200% and anything in between without cropping 3rd party VST’s.

This NEEDS to be fixed

THIS DOES NOT WORK With Cubase 10. Cubase is not able to handle 150% scaling as is the recommended setting in Windows 10 for a 4 k monitor.
Been experimenting in vain with all sorts of settings, also for my NVDIA RTX and GTX GPUs. Fonts stay blurry, what ever you do.

It’s the same with Halion 6,Groove Agent and a lot of 3rd party plugins.

Tons of other sequencers are doing well at 150%, even Wavelab is OK … WHY NOT CUBASE ??? HOTFIX PLEASE !!!

are you saying you have hidpi on in cubase, windows scaling set to 125, and cubase is correctly scaling to 125? I understood that cubase would scale to 100 in that scenario?