Scaling issue with 4k + 1080p monitors

Issue is present with Cubase 9 and 9.5.

  1. Run Cubase on Windows 10 with a 4k main + extended desktop on 1080p screen.
  2. Set scaling on 4k to 150%, 100% on 1080p
  3. Open transport panel, loads in correct scaling on 4k screen
  4. Click edge of transport panel
  5. Transport panel switches to 100% scaling (still on 4k screen)
  6. Change scaling on 1080p monitor to 150%
  7. Transport panel scales up to 150%

It would seem that Cubase gets the scaling settings from a specific monitor as opposed to the screen it’s being displayed on.

Only workaround I have is to keep the scaling on the 1080p at 150%.

Anyone else seen this happen?

Sent in a ticket about this 2 weeks ago and no reply from Steinberg, is this to be expected? How long do they usually take to reply?

Support has always been very, very slow in my exp.

Just a quick post to celebrate the 5 week birthday of my unanswered support ticket :slight_smile:

Im having a similar issue with a 4k laprtop screen and a 2k monitor together… hope steinberg could make 4k scaling easy…, or …maybe answer something?
good luck