Scaling of Automation Curve For Audio Track Issue

I have a project where I can no longer view and edit the full automation curve (it appears scaled larger than the automation track view.

The shaded effective view (ie the combination of the track and VCA automation is correct) however the automation event curve (with the white blocks showing events) goes outside the view of the track (looks like the top is covered by the audio track) - and does not respond to any scaling changes.

Cubase Pro 10.5.20
Windows 10 Ver 2004 19041.450
Intel Core i7-9750 2.6GHz
32GB Ram
NVidia GTX 1660Super
X Touch One Controller V1.07 Firmware


That’s because of the VCA channel.

True for the shaded part - this works fine. However the automation event curve with the white blocks showing events is scaled to be larger than the lane showing the automation data - it does not change scale at all. As per the attached picture the top of the curves appears to “dissappear under” the track audio above (as shown in the attached picture. I cannot get this curve to “scale down” so it is visible for manual editing.

Likewise the shaded area (the combination of the VCA and Track volume) also can extend to have max values disappear out of the top of the lane…,

If I use my controller to set volume - the max volume values (top 5 say) go off the top of the lane and do not appear - as if the curve is too “zoomed” for the lane - however it is just the top values missing not the min/0 values.

The picture shows this more clearly.

I think it is a bug.


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Have done that, reloaded my project - and no change to the issue. Still same display problem shown in the original post image.

Do you want me to try a new project from scratch to see if I can repro ?


That would be great! Thank you.

I remember this issue in some older Cubase version, but my feeling is, it’s some time ago. Is it possible, the project has been created in an older Cubas version (early VCA days)?

The project was created new in 10.5 -

Will try with a blank project tomorrow se what I work out. I am in Australia - kind of late here now :slight_smile:

I think this started when I did a scale adjustment from memory and the lane data changed size unexpectedly and never changed back,

Ok. Have worked out how to reproduce. (This is all in 10.5.20).

1.Open new project
2.Create audio track
3. Open volume automation track
4… Hit record.
5. Adjust volume between min and max - as expected automation curve follows as expected between min and max, bottom and top of lane.
6. Create VCA track for the audio track
7. With unity gain on VCA all good,
8. This is where it gets a little funky and hard to pin down…
9. Change the VCA gain up or down
10. Go back and re-record new automation on the Audio track.
11. Going between steps 9 -10 you will see that as you record the automation curve on the audio track looks normal.
12. When you stop the recording however - the automation curve and the effective volume curve (the combo of the audio track volume and the VCA gain) - and the lighter coloured audio track automation curve is rescaled.

I thought there was a consistent error in the rescale - but all I can say are the results are unpredictable.

However - you do often get an event curve that goes outside the top limit of the automation lane. And once there, the incorrect scaling seems to stay, no matter what you do with the VCA, or the re-recording of the audio channel automation.

May be wrong here - but I would expect that the automation event curve scale should be INDEPENDENT of the effective channel gain (combination of the VCA and the actual channel volume level). Eg it should represent the automation controller value rather than the actual gain. The result otherwise is an automation curve that doesn’t re-edit.

Lots of words to describe - but you can see it by trying the repro pretty easily…

the combination of track automation and VCA automation has a bug
you have to set initial values on the beginning of the tracks to fix some problems