Scan for audio devices feature request

Hey guys, this is a small thing, but I would love it if there was a ‘scan for audio devices’ or ‘rescan audio devices’ command in Preferences → Play → Audio Device Setup.

It would just be nice if when I plug in my laptop to a new audio device (which happens somewhat regularly as I move between studios) I could find it in Dorico without having to close and reopen the program.

Not a big deal, but just a small quality of life thing that would be nice!



Well, I thought it was a good idea, anyway! :wink:

Sorry, your original posting slipped me through some how.
Actually, Dorico should be already plug 'n play, but it also depends on the used driver(s).
Are you on Win or Mac and what devices are you plugging, resp. which drivers do they use?

Thanks Ulf! I’m using a Mac, and connecting to a Universal Audio Apollo Twin over thunderbolt. I never have any problem with using it with Pro Tools (never need to restart PT even if it is already open when I connect the UA interface), but Dorico never detects it unless it’s plugged in when I open Dorico.

Hope that helps!

Ah, right, I forgot, on Mac we are not truly plug 'n play, but there is a workaround by means of an Aggregate Device.
With the Audio MIDI Setup app (under Applications/Utilities) you can add an Aggregate Device. The idea behind an Aggregate is to combine several devices to one, but it is also possible to create an Aggregate Device that just consists of one single device, e.g. you Apollo.
If you do that, then such Aggregate Device will always turn up in the list of drivers in the Dorico Device Setup dialog, even if the Apollo is switched off or not connected. If that Aggregate is selected in Dorico and if you then plug it in, sound will come out without the need to relaunch Dorico.

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Ah, thanks Ulf - I’ll try it out next time I’m at the studio.

Seems like a good candidate for a tweak in D5 to make it truly plug and play! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it won’t happen for D5, because it always has to go hand in hand with Cubase. But one day, yes for sure.

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