Scan VST Arturia


Been trying to scan vsts in the plugin information window to find the synths from Arturia. Cubase is only registering several of them and no matter what path destination I add it doesn’t seem to find the other Arturia synths.

This is on my windows laptop, on my Mac it didn’t have a problem finding them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Any help on how I can make Cubase recognize them?

Still haven’t been able to make Cubase find the remaining synths.

Help please


Can someone help? Still missing the most of the Arturia synths. Pro Tools and DP found them without a problem… But I prefer to work on Cubase and would like access to all of them.

Been trying to update it on the plugin information window and still they don’t show up. Help please.

Is everything running in 32bit mode or 64 bits? I had some trouble with a 64 bits plugin when I was using cubase in 32 bits mode.

Beside of that, is it possible that some of your Arturia plugins are installed in subfolders and not directly into the “vst” folder?

Thanks. its running in 64 bit and I’ve checked many times the folder path. It only seems to find the newer synths, but if I’m not mistaken they’re all vst3 by now. Still can’t make Cubase find them, it’s very frustrating.