Scanning in Media Bay

What happens if you accidentally scan the whole of your computer ( all songs, files, audio etc ) into the media bay?

Does it mean that the 100Gig plus is now in media bay and overloading it?

We only wanted to scan one samples folder, but ended up scanning all computer content

The media bay databases are not huge.

See page 395 and following in the manual.

Basically, if you want to create a database just for your sample folders then delete the database you’ve accidentally created, select the folders you want and re-scan.

Thanks Jenks
Where do i go to delete it?
Do i run the risk of deleting everything else i already had in there?!

The easiest way is to de-select all the folders in the media bay you don’t want (remove the ticks from the boxes). When you do that you’ll be asked whether you want to keep the data in media bay. If you say “no” to that, it will remove the information from the database.

Even if you end up deleting something you wanted, you can simply re-select that folder and media bay will re-scan it into the database.

Great, that makes sense, thank you again.
Someone who doesn’t use Media Bay was trying to help get my samples in, but ended up loading my whole computer!

All my applications, folders, huge song files with lots of audio are all on there…so if i untick them all, just to confirm, they are not now downloaded into media bay but still ok everywhere else?

Yes, that’s correct.

Media Bay doesn’t copy anything into itself except meta-data for the files. The files themselves remain exactly where they are and completely untouched.


Also on a similar subject, can anyone tell me how i can check if i have all the loops, sounds, etc that was supposed to come with my new cubase…i have the boxed version of C7
I just don’t seem to have many samples…or maybe i just can’t find them

Is there anywhere i can easily check?

I am not sure what “comes” with Cubase per se, or where it is registered in MediaBay, but it appears that the functionality of “Select Defined Browse Location” in the “Locations” section, and the “Select Media Types” in the “Results” section, could help you. Both of these sections are in the “middle area” of MediaBay.

Chose the location “VST Sound” and the media type “Audio Files”.

I hope this could help you.

Thanks Elektrobolt i will check this out later!

Hello again. I am recording all my old Korg M1 songs from M1 sequencer to cubase. It works perfectly - i just press record on cubse and then play on M1 and all midi is recorded from which i then dissolve into parts - from which i add new sounds.
The only bit i can’t do is to sync up both so cubase starts recording from M1 at the beginning of the bar - or whichever way round it is?

I have been playing in sync mode, but unsuccessfully

It might be best to start a new topic for this.

More likely to attract some help.