Scanning VST3 taking longer

I’ve noticed that scanning the VST3 plugin folder is taking longer (at first startup of the day).

If you re-start again it’s quick. Why does Nuendo have to scan VST3’s every time you boot the machine?


Longer in comparison with which situation, please?

Hi Martin.

I recently did a Softube upgrade when I did a purchase and it’s been since then. Also latest iLok software.

It happens on the first Nuendo startup when I start my computer. If I quit Nuendo and then open it again it’s as normal. Nuendo seems to write a brand new VST3 list file on first start. It never used to take this long.

I’ve been in contact with Softube and they’re investigating



Is it the very first start after the update only?

It’s common that Cubase/Nuendo does deeper scanning/testing during the very first start after any plug-in installation.

Hey Martin,

No, it’s every time I start up. Just that first time at the beginning of the day or anytime I shut down or reboot my computer.


Thank you for the clarification. Hmmmm. Any information has to be lost when you restart your computer.

Please, just for test, could you backup your Cubase preferences folder somewhere (desktop) before you switch your computer off. Then switch it off. Once you switch it on, could you copy these backup preferences back to the real preferences folder and start Cubase. Does it also take a long time?

Does it take a long time even if you restart your computer during the day? So is it restart related or day switch related? If it’s a day switch related, do you have any cleaning system activities switched on at your system?

Sorry, just a shooting to a dark.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the info!

I decided to re-install all the VST3 plugins and also updated eLicenser Control Center. Everything seems back to normal now, which is great!!!

If anything changes I’ll let you know.

Thanks again,