Scarlett studio

I just bought Scarlett Studio and I am having a problem with connecting the microphone in Cubase LE 6. The microphone just can´t seems to be working on the channel. I can hear my self speaking in the microphone but when I record, it´s like the microphone is not connected to the channel, because it doesn´t record anything.
I hope someone can help me.

Kjartan Thor.

Hello Kjartan,

A have just a few basic questions about your setup.

So in Cubase LE6, when you go to Devices>Device Setup>VST Sound System do you have the Focusrite Scarlett audio driver selected?

If you go to Devices>VST Connections is it seeing the drives available Input and Output busses?

When you create an Audio Track (Project>Add Track>Audio Track) are you selecting the correct input channel bus that your microphone is plugged into?

In the Track Inspector do you have the Audio Track both in Record Arm mode and Input Monitor mode?

Is so then you should be able if you are hearing the audio from the microphone through the Audio Track, then be able to also record the audio by hitting record on the transport.

Hello Joel
I am sorry for answering so late, i haven´t really had the time to sit down and figure it out. But now finally I have got the time and I have tried to fix this problem and I have checked all your questions, but I can´t seems to be able to fix it. Always when I try something, I always end up with no sound at all.
I think the problem is that I am pretty new to this and I might not know everything that is to know about cubase, there is that problem that I can´t seems to find.
I hope you can help me a little bit more.

Kjartan Thor.

Hello Kjartanthor,

Can you tell me what problems if any you had when checking the things I asked you in my previous message. Also do you have speakers or headphones connected to the output of the Scarlett Audio Interface? Be advised once you select the ASIO driver for the Focusrite Interface you must have audio output connections i.e. speakers or headphones connected in order to hear back the audio you have recorded.