Scary crash, cubase auto trashed prefs

I just experienced one of the most irritating crashes ever. I’m in the middle of a tracking session, opened a project in 6.0.3 that was created in 5.5.3 (used for safety because of the metronome issue in 6.0.3). We recorded some stuff, time for lunch, closed the project and then Cubase. Bam Complete freeze of the whole computer, mouse cursor and all.
I did a powerbutton shutdown, went away and came back. Started Cubase and noticed that it performed the full plug-in scan but that has happened sometimes before. When I opened the first project to start tracking I realized that nearly all settings were gone, prefs, all my VST Connections templates, ASIO driver was reset to Direct X etc. Key commands seemed to have made it though.

Since then I’ve opened a bunch of the old projects but no freeze on closing.

Does this mean that Cubase actually writes all preference changes to file on shutdown, not instantaneously when you make them?

I guess I’ll just have to start backing up the prefs folder as well, warning to those of you who haven’t had this sort of crash before.


Yup. I had this, a crash can leave you with no prefs, which then re-create as defaults when you restart. You’re right about needing to back up, though I don’t think the entire folder is necessary. I keep it to Defaults.xml (and KeyCommands if I’ve changed them). Presets too and not just the ones in the prefs folder. Your plugin presets are in “VST3 Presets” in your User/Docs folder.