Scary Loud & Unexpected Sound Blowing Out Audio Meters

Hi, I’m posting here to see if anyone would like to try reproducing this bug… but disclaimer: turn down your audio to ZERO. This happened to me a while back in Cubase Pro 12 but I didn’t take notes on what had caused it because it scared the crap out of me and I was panicking on how to make it stop. I rushed to Quit Cubase since muting and disabling the track would not help.

Now that I’m in Cubase 13, and happen to be troubleshooting disasters with Kontakt 7 crashes (which I’ll have to contact support about), I accidentally fell upon this old issue I had encountered many months ago. But this time, I made sure to notice what the circumstances were, and to capture screenshots.

Better yet, I was able to reproduce the issue.

My specs:
Windows 11… Cubase 12 or 13 Pro… Komplete Kontrol 2.9.6 with Kontakt 7.4
(This may have happened with a different version of KK or K in the past but this is what they were at the time of this particular incident.)

  1. Launch a new project.
  2. Load an instrument track with Komplete Kontrol 2.9
  3. Load a Kontakt 7 patch.
  4. Turn down all audio
  5. In the top-right of the plugin window, select “Allow Window to be Resized”…

This is the point where my levels go thru the roof with an extremely loud buzzing noise that sounds like a feedback loop. Nearly killed my ears as I was working in headphones. Scary

Side note, I use Focusrite Control with the Focusrite ASIO audio driver.
Project 48kHz, 24-bit.

The silver lining about how I was able to reproduce this is that the project is empty except for one single track on which Komplete Kontrol is loaded.

Also, this did not crash Cubase. No logs were created. I just had to quit ASAP the normal way in the midst of my panic!

Reproduced twice the way described here. I hope someone can reproduce or help me resolve this issue!


Not sure if it applies but there’s an update to Kontakt 7.7.2.

I can reproduce it and have seen it before with a couple other plugins. It’s OpenGL-related IIRC. I’m going to report this again and see if we can work around it our side.
Thank you @Orlando74


I’m relieved that you are able to reproduce it!
Yes, please see if you can get a fix for this in the next maintenance.
Its brutal when you don’t expect it and it happens in your headphones!!! OUCH!

For the next maintenance it’s already too late I’m afraid.

I know it’s brutal, a couple of the plugs I identified back then actually didn’t produce any sound, only a 100dB spike visible in the meters… but one did sound…

BTW, I reproduced this with Kontakt 6… I have K7 on my test machines and cannot check ATM, but I’m pretty sure K7 is HiDPI aware? (meaning it shouldn’t have the resize option at all).

For the time being, please set the option and forget: this can happen only when toggling it back and forth.

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Indeed, it would not happen with a direct instance of K7 as the resizability is built-in.
I just like to use the Komplete Kontrol wrapper so that I get the light guides when using the Kontakt libraries. I have an MK2 controller and unfortunately NI decided not to implement this direct K7 functionality to owners of their previous generation controllers so it’s a choice between resizing and light guides. (But that’s another rant)

Anyway, I appreciate the disclosure that it’s too late to get into the next maintenance update. Please don’t let it get off the radar though as I’m pretty sure when it happened to me months ago, it was with a different plugin. The fact that it can happen with various plugins makes me nervous about using headphones.

When you experienced it with other plugins, did it just happen out of the blue or were you using the “Allow Window to be Resized” feature? If so, then I won’t be as nervous because I’ll feel like I just need to avoid that feature in Cubase (and make it a point to always turn off my audio if I need to resize).

I was testing the feature, meaning I loaded all HiDPI unaware plugins I could find and checking corner cases.

I’ve only seen that happening when toggling back and forth, once enabled I never replicated it. Once activated it follows the host and monitors scaling, so whatever monitor or resolution you put the plugins on, it should resize correctly and just work without touching it again. “Should” because in the end it’s just a work-around.

Does this only happen with Cubase in 64-bit floating precision mode or in 32 bit mode too? I had a similar problem with Cubase and Amplitube 4 in 2018. Put it in 32 bit mode and never changed back since.

With K6 it happens with both 32 and 64-bit float precision.

I cannot replicate with AT4 with 32 or 64-bit. I have version 4.3.0 installed alongside AT5.

It looks like a different issue, despite the symptom being the same, the resize option was first introduced with C11, and that happened since C9.5.

Interesting nonetheless, thanks for the link.

Quick question: can troubleshooting this with the headphones/speakers down at 0 (or not powered on at all) damage anything internally? I know it might sound like a silly question but seeing all those meters hit way past red like that “looks” alarming.

I´ve never actually heard any signal since it was reproduced with Loopmash during C11 alpha/beta phase (that didn´t even reach public release).

Yesterday when checking Kontakt 6 there was also no signal, only its “visual representation”… I have checked it repeatedly, but have only seen the meters at 100dB and heard no actual signal/noise.

Damages without volume are unlikely (the engine is 32 or 64 float end-to-end), but I´d recommend to avoid any troubleshooting and leave the option alone: enabled if one has a high resolution or scaled monitor, disabled if one has an HD monitor.

Thank you for reporting such a dangerous issue.