Scenario: You create a bunch of new tracks and want to link them all to an existing VCA?

At present, there is no way to do this except to go one by one.

Doesn’t it make sense that, at the very least, the Q-link MixConsole function should affect the VCA Link group, which would enable all selected tracks to be linked to a VCA in one move?

It works different than you think.
Select the channels in mix console, right-click on one, select the first entry, there opens a dialog, that lets you select what should happen. One option is to control the link group with a VCA fader, and you can select a new one or one of the existing.

Following these instructions, I can only see an option to link them to a New VCA fader, with all existing VCA groups greyed out.

There is a VCA section in the mixconsole and the new version 13 channel strip, just Q-link selected channels and choose an existing VCA from the drop down menu in the VCA section to achieve what you want. This is how I do it all the time.

VCA section in the channel strip? I don’t think so…
Screenshot 2024-01-14 at 1.37.39 pm

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What! That’s amazing. I don’t have that section available to me here!! (Cubase Pro 13.0.20)

Very strange.

Anyone else doesn’t have it?

Sure you have it, what’s the name of the section you’re talking about, someone will tell you how to reveal it.

dedicated “VCA” section

Meant to appear both in channel strip and MixConsole channels.

The ‘set up sections’ boxes do not include a “VCA” section. Do you have this?

I have the VCA section in Nuendo 13 but it’s not listed in the documentation of Cubase 13. Maybe it’s only available in Nuendo?

Must be the reason.

Someone on this forum informed me about that, so I assumed he was talking about Cubase, not Nuendo.

Just checking, are you using Neundo?

I conclude the following:

There is no way in Cubase 13 to simultaneously connect multiple tracks to an EXISTING vca fader.

That is not true. As already mentioned in the first answer in this thread.

Hmm, I tried it today, and it doesn’t work like it did two days ago. Now it behaves the same as on @zooterman system. I try to find what is different now, beside from being a different computer.

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Pretty certain a VCA fader can only control a single link group, and it’s not possible to add multiple tracks at once to an existing link group in Cubase.

Your options are to either add them individually to the existing link group, or to remove the existing link group altogether and create a new one.

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Yeah apparently in Cubase the way VCAs work is by creating VCA Links, as opposed to having VCAs that you can just assign faders to. In Nuendo it works the way one would expect, I had no idea until I checked with a friend that has Cubase since I use Nuendo, but the manual doesn’t make this distinction very clear. In fact, the manual for Cubase tells you you can add a VCA section to your strip in the Mixconsole, and the VCA Link area of the manual doesn’t address that you can’t or that it’s a Nuendo feature. I don’t know the reason for this not being in Cubase, but I doubt it has anything to do with “post-production.”

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