Scene Saving for Mixes

Mix history is great addition but I would like to see the ability to save and recall mixes from a list of saved names.

Users might want to do multiple mixes on a song for different outputs like digital / TV / Film or Remixes etc.

Digital Mix
Mastering Mix
TV Edit Mix


+1 I think it’s simple now that we have history


Yes, and it’s so close now with the History feature.

+1.79387564332 and three bytes


There’s a workaround for that. Select all channels and save as preset. :wink:
Don’t think it works well if you later add channels, but a drop down list menu would have the same problem I guess.

that’s the best workaround I have seen for a long time. Very powerful workaround. You could just label the presets Scene 1, Scene 2 etc, and leave any ‘proper’ presets in place. You could maybe use “A” and “B” for A/B comparison.

I shall give this a go



I must say I normally don’t use this method on the whole mixer, normally on like 16 channels max, and I only have audio channels in my mixconsole.

I did some testing, and it seems it doesn’t worked as good as I thought…
No routing/panning/volumes/pre settings are saved…
Which is wierd, because according to Steinberg:

The following data is saved in audio track presets:

Insert effects settings (including VST effect presets)

EQ settings

Volume and pan

Input gain and phase
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