In Bach’s Aria of the Goldberg Variations there is an ornament called “Schleifer”, see attachement. Since 1.1 Dorico supports this ornament. But it seems not possible to position the ornament like in the Aria - or am I missing here something?
As work around I use the ornament from the Bravura font in X-Text.

Insert it above the note, like other ornaments.

You can then move it horizontally and vertically in engrave mode. You will also have to widen the horizontal spacing between the notes to make room for it.

Thank you, should have seen this myself :wink:

Dorico will support several jazz articulations/ornaments in the next update, some of which probably get special positions before/after a note. Maybe also the Schleifer could be automatically positioned correctly, before and slightly below the note it applies to? The ‘wiggle’ should be a third below the following note.
BTW, I find the Bravura symbol a tad to heavy and wide for my taste, I prefer a scaled-down version.

I’m afraid we won’t be doing any work on non-jazz articulations in the coming update, but your request for the positioning of the Schleifer is noted for the future.

Thanks, Daniel. No hurry, Schleifer are pretty rare anyway. Congrats on Dorico’s birthday!