Schubert Impromptu Op 90 no 3 (Time Signature)

I’m unsure how to enter this time signature… any help would be appreciated.


Kind regards.

Honestly, I would edit the symbol itself in the Music Symbols dialog in Engrave Mode.

Thank you, I’ll give that a try

But really unless you’re preparing some sort of urtest I’d really just normalize. I assume the actual meter is 4/2?

I’ve never seen this before. Fascinating.

But that would not get the barlines correct! Why not use “2+2/2”

(Some scholars suggest this Impromptu is actually in 24/8. Others think it should be in G and 4/4)

Forgive me for asking, but, why are you requesting this unusual time signature?

For a little background on Schubert’s (and others’) archaic use of time signatures, see here.

@Janus , I don’t think any scholar today thinks that this “should” be in G and in 4/4 (actually alla breve), but that is indeed how it was first published posthumously in 1857. The pencil marks on Schubert’s original manuscript - here, p.13 - were probably written by the editor of that edition, Karl Haslinger.

No problem. I occasionally listen to pieces whilst studying the score. Intrigued by the time signature I thought I’d see how I’d possibly input this into Dorico, hence my question.

Thanks for the link, interesting.