Scissor Tool leaves numbers all over screen HELP PLEASE

HI there

I wonder if anyone else has had this issue. Most of the time Cubase Elements 8 works just fine. But every now and then the following occurs:

If I select the scissor/cut tool and move the tool around, it leaves a trail of black numbers all over the screen. Normaly one would get a little white box which tells you your exact position. Eventually the screen gets so full of numbers, I have to close down and start again.

Also if I lengthen or shorten a part the same happens, although sometime this tool does not leave the numbers behind, they disappear right away

Is this a Cubase issue or a video card issue?? I have checked and I have the current updated driver for my vid card.

I have never had this occur before in all the years I have used Cubase. I bought Elements 8 about three weeks ago and only since installing it has this begun to happen
Any suggestions would be really appreciated as its really frustrating.

Many thanks
Screenshot (11).png


I have never seen this.

I have this exact same problem in Cubase 8 Pro on a PC running Windows 8. This really needs a fix, it’s becoming a serious impediment to my workflow.

same here! can steinberg look into this please?
scissor bug.png

Hi and welcome,

It seems your Preferences are corupted some how. Even the fields in the Info line are schrinked on the screenshot. Could you try Safe Start Mode, please?

I’ll just leave this link here to make things easy for you selsong. :slight_smile: