Scissors and Pencil cause Asio Spikes


I am testing C8.0.30 right now. In this version the vertical line in the project when using the scissors or the pencil is horribly delayed and causes hight asio peaks when moving around in the project. Even when your are not playing it back.

Can this be confirmed?
To check this just load up any project and select the Scissors with “3” and move it around. Is the vertikal Line delayed like crazy and have you noticed use Asio Spikes? Otherwise navigating through the project dosen’t make this trouble.

Hey mate,

I too am experiencing this problem on my new build on both windows 8.1 and windows 10 on all builds versions of cubase 8.0.x with the first release 8.0.0 being the least affected by ASIO spikes. I also experience spikes with other onscreen actions such as dragging around audio/midi events, changing event volume via mouse wheel or click and hold and other mouse orientated editing tools/practices. I have performed an intensive amount of trial and error and trouble shooting regarding these issues with little (rare) or no (mostly) reduction in spike occurrences. My problems or cause of seems to be outlined in several other posts across this forum. I have reduced it to 3 main causes to the spikes

editing tools mainly scissors and pencil as well as time stretching/selection tool
graphically intensive elements (dragging events whereby transparency shaders of events is involved)
USB drives being inserted (results in a pulsing spike)

The reasoning behind these actions are mainly to do with having an on board graphics adapter (Intel HD5500) which I will be able to test out tomorrow via use of an external 750ti geforce (may cause its own problems and woes being setup externally) but is my only option with my current new build as it is a gigabyte brix. The other has to do with the usb pcie host controller gigabyte has chosen to use in there build. (Also attempting to fix via a different brand usb 2.0 adapter card that I will be slotting into one of the MSATA slots - should arrive in the next week sometime).

I’ve currently exhausted almost every driver combination ranging from early releases to the latest from both manufacturer and generic/Microsoft standard. Tried novel system tweaks such as disabling dynamic ticks and page file removal/preset amounts to the ones outlined on this site and native instruments regarding power/appearance/bios settings to do with speed stepping/turbo mode and disabling/removing hardware that isn’t essential to the operation of the system.

My system specs are:
Intel broadwell chipset 5500 with 2.4ghz
Onboard broadwell HD5500 graphics
Samsung EVO 850 500gb SSD <—OS & DAW installed on here
Western Digital 1tb secondary drive <-----Projects stored on this one
Kingston Hyperx DDR3 Dual Channel 16gb RAM timing 9-9-9-27
Wifi card removed
Gigabyte LAN disabled in bios

Furthermore ever update since the primary release of 8.0.0 has resulted in accumulating amount of cpu consumption in projects. Have tested with both windows 8.1x64 and windows 10x64 CLEAN installs with nothing but base drivers installed and cubase 8 with no 3rd party plugins on a 64bit build. Testing has been carried out over the last 2 months now almost daily… Am at the end of my sanity and am thinking I will have to sell the brix and build another system with a dedicated graphics card. A pity as the sound level/power and size of the brix made it a great computer and am otherwise very pleased with it.


thanks for your post. I have checked this with three different Graphics adapters wich are close in performance. GForce 210 my internal HD2000 and an ATI HD6450. There is a huge difference across these. With the 210 i get the worst delay. the HD2000 is slightly better. With the HD6450 the Problem is allmost gone. The delay and spikes are less prominent with the ATI. Also that Registry Hack to turn of Graphics Acceleration for Cubase didn’t change anything for me.


I don’t know if you saw any of the related posts, I reported this:


Cheers for reporting it mate - Very quick on the response! :slight_smile:

I too had no luck with disabling graphics acceleration in the registry there was still stuttering GUI and ASIO Spikes.

So glad to hear about the recent windows 10 full compatibility as well! I have noticed a good amount of processing headroom available compared to 8.1 (At least 20%).