Scissors tool gets rid of underlying takes?

I’ve been having a problem with the scissors tool that is significantly affecting my comping ability within Cubase 11 Pro. Consider a case where I had 3 takes recorded on a track. If I used the scissors tool to cut out a section of take 3, and deleted that section, after deletion it would still show take 2 in the track. If I did the same thing to take 2, deleting a section, then it would show take 1.

However, all of the sudden (I have not touched any settings at all!), when I use the scissors tool, and delete a section of a take, it deletes the corresponding section of every other take that was under the latest take, leaving that portion of the track completely empty. Going back to my example, if I try to cut out a section of take 3, now that section of takes 2 and 1 will automatically disappear as well. What explains this, and how do I fix it back to only deleting a section of the latest take?