Scope, layering, readjustment - how to do it?

Hello, how to resolve this “layout” problem?
There is an overlapping of staves when I add a new staves following those already present. I can’t move the new staves to the next page.

Thank you.

Stop adjusting the staves/systems! :laughing:

The red square and lines means that you’ve made a manual adjustment to two systems, before you’ve even entered the notes!

Put the music in first. Then adjust the Layout Options, so everything is as you want it. Then make a few manual adjustments, if necessary.

You do that with Frame Breaks, not with Staff Spacing adjustments.


What are your casting off settings?

What I mean is have you got your Layout trying to fit too many systems in a Frame automatically?

What are you talking about?
We’re not all experts here.
Try to intervene seriously instead of summarizing things, as if everyone knows everything about everything.

You give explanations that are so brief and can prove that we don’t understand anything about the problem.

Thank you for your intervention. I will try to understand the problem with what you provided me.
Thanks again.

Sorry, that was not my intention.

You have made Staff Spacing adjustments to empty systems. That is why things are overlapping. You should remove those, by selecting the red squares and pressing Delete.

Staff Spacing adjustments are for small alterations to the page. They don’t move systems to new pages.

As said: enter the notation first, then set Layout Options as you want them. Then make fine tuning with Staff Spacing and Note Spacing tools, if you need to.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for this attention. I also apologize, I’m a little upset about this situation I’m encountering. It seems so rudimentary to me to add staves.
I will try to fix the problems with the recommendations that have been suggested.

You don’t add staves (systems). You add bars. Dorico will space out those bars onto as many systems as will fit each line, according to the Note Spacing values in Layout Options, and whatever music is there.

You can, as Daniel points out, set a fixed number of bars per system, or system per page, in Layout Options. Or use System Breaks and Frame Breaks.

But I suggest entering the music first, then worry about the layout afterwards.

Dorico will do it all for you, if you let it.

What do you mean by “bars”?
Thanks for these informations.

This is a bar - divided by bar lines. 1 unit of the time signature.

A staff is the lines for one instrument. A System is all the staffs (staves) that play at the same time.

Ok, thank :slight_smile:

Hi @lvbeethoven1, a bar in this context is what you might also call a measure.
Confusing as both terms somehow relate to fluids.