Scordatura designation at the beginning of a Guitar score.

What is the most efficient way to accomplish a scordatura designation at the beginning of a guitar score? The screen shot from Behind Bars is what I am aiming for but I seem to be going through a lot of fuss to accomplish it. I need it for both the 5th (to G) and 6th (to D) strings which are usually printed one on top of the other. I was using separate text boxes for each string, unicode for the circled strings and regular text for the text but it does get fussy.

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 10.04.40 AM.png

Text popover seems the easiest way, not text frame. You can copy-paste the circled numbers from the SMuFL site.

Thank you, Dan, you are correct. I ended up doing it with the text popover. John Baron had an even better and neater idea on the Facebook group. Use the circled string options available as playing techniques, 6 for 6th string for example, and then use the properties panel for ‘alternative text’ and add the ‘to D’ text. It works beautifully for putting the 5th and 6th strings on top of each other.