Scordatura sounding and fingered staves


I’m using Dorico 3.5.10

Is there a way to conveniently make a cello part to have two staves: one for sounding pitch and one for fingering pitch that are labeled as such? (the part I’m not clear on is just how to have them labeled properly)

I understand how to add a second staff to the instrument as well as can just add a second instrument and link them with a bracket, but I’d ideally like to have the upper staff labeled as “sounding”, the lower staff labeled as “fingered” and the middle of the bracket which connects them (I’m using the standard one you’d find on a piano part) labeled as “2” as it is the 2nd cello in a cello duet.

Here’s a super crude text diagram of what I’m hoping for:

Sounding…( 𝄚𝄚𝄚𝄚𝄚𝄚𝄚𝄚
… … … . 2 … .<
Fingered… .( 𝄚𝄚𝄚𝄚𝄚𝄚𝄚𝄚

(ignore the ellipses, it smushed it when I used spaces)


Hi, perhaps with an Ensemble Cello and divisi?


Cello.dorico (468.2 KB)

Thanks Jesper, that works great!

Good, I’m glad.


I wish this would be supported in a similar way Guitar Tunings and Tabs are supported, where one can just chose to see the sounding pitches in a separate staff above and enter in either staff and get the correct notation on the other.

We certainly don’t rule out supporting scordatura in this kind of way in future, but it’s not something we are working on at the moment.

Obviously not a priority, but it would definitely be incredible to be able to input the sounding notes and have them appear on the fingered staff automatically given a preset scordatura as well.

There’s already an option to pick which string a note is played on which may be convenient to use to ensure it transfers correctly to the fingering staff. But y’all are the experts, just my 2¢.