Score disappears when entering new notes via mouse

5.5.3 studio absolute fresh install in the last 3 weeks on a fresh installation of xp pro sp3

So until yesterday no issues with this - note entry via mouse was fine and no screen rewrite problems whatsoever.

As far as I know, I have not made any changes in preferences or settings or to the system anywhere else that could be traced back to being the cause of this.

So, I switch to note entry mode, drag the cursor into the page (I am using page mode because I prefer it to the edit mode) and everything disappears except for the current duration value and sundry accidentals as I drag through the screen trying to find the right place to click and enter the current note.

I did have this before and decided to roll-back to 5.1.1 which never showed this failure.

Has anyone experienced and developed a solution or do I just rollback as I did before.

Is this during playback? There are various glitches when editing audio in the score editor when autoscroll is activated. Are your driver settings normal in 5.5.3? That might give you delays or maybe something similar to your problem. Make sure the Cubase window is highlighted, and there are no Not Responding errors. If you’re working on a larger project in 5.5.3 than in 5.1.1 your computer could be overloading. No doubt, the graphics in the score editor are rather feeble as well as less stable when compared to the key editor. :wink:

Note entry during no playback - I have given up trying to do it during auto-scroll, to the point of deselecting autoscroll before I edit period.

I am not adventurous enough to try some of the things you have suggested could have been causing the problem

I can say that all drivers are normal - I may just resort to a re-install of 5.5.3 and see what that does.

Probably a good idea to reinstall. The updates were meant to fix glitches not start them. Maybe you could post a screenshot for us to better understand the problem?

Well, after a restart of my machine the problem has disappeared - no real idea as to what might have caused the problem in the first place, but happy to see it is gone.

If it returns, I will update this thread.