Score Ed: Note display question

In 4/4 on a Polyphonic Staff I’ve got a whole note that is displayed as 2 half notes tied instead of a single note. How do I get it to display as a whole note? I thought maybe Note Properties had a setting, but not that I see.

I’m pretty sure it was originally displayed as a single whole note. It’s in the bass and I think (but am not sure) that it changed when I changed some notes in the treble where I had a bunch of 8th notes that were getting beamed as 4 groups of 2, when I wanted 2 groups of 4. I didn’t really know how to change the grouping but at the manual’s suggestion I selected the 8th notes and Auto Grouped them (which worked fine). I think this is when the whole note became 2 halves. Clearly I don’t fully understand how this stuff really works. :confused:


Do you use voices? Is there a rest after the half note? Could you send a screenshot, please?

Two things to check at the moment:
1-Verify in the Time Signature settings if you have something else than 4/4 and “For Grouping Only” is checked, for example 2+2/4.
2- Display cutflags by activating Cut/Rhythm in the filter bar and see if a Cutflag event appears near the whole note. If this is the case, then delete it.

Please do upload the screenshot (with all the “Show/Hide” flags activated)… be interesting to see anyways :wink:.
An interesting sidenote to TheMaestro’s 2nd comment, is that you might be able to fix this (depending upon what flags are showing), by actually creating a cutflag at the start of the note for that voice.

Yes this was it, I’d set it to 2+2/4. I’d initially tried this to get the 8th note beaming how I wanted, but it didn’t do anything to the 8ths. I thought I had set it back to 4/4, but apparently hadn’t.

Can someone clarify the Time Signature settings dialog (the manual doesn’t get very detailed). Is there a way I could have configured it so it grouped my 8ths as 2 groups of 4, but didn’t mess up the whole notes?