Score edit : have to press 'UPD' explicitly again and again

Cubase 9.5.10 Score editor: whenever the user wants to show bar handles, the hidden items, the applied quantize, grouping etc. (any of those tickboxes)
the user must press “UPD” explicitly to show or hide the information. This wasn’t the case in previous editions. “added value”?

I am seeing similar. Can you give a specific and repeatable instance of this happening?

Please include your OS info so we can troubleshoot.

OS: win 10 pro 1709 (16299.192) fully patched.

Hi Steve,
Well it does it in any project with any midi info, most of the time, sometimes not but for the sake of a repeatable scenario:

  • Fresh start up Cubase

  • Create a project with the “blues rock production” template, there’s some midi info already there in a drum track.
    Ignoring the case that this is drum info, just open the score editor in edit mode.

  • in my case all the checkboxes: bar handles, hidden notes, hide, quantize, layout tool, grouping, cut rhythm, split rests stems/beams
    are “NOT CHECKED”

for preparation:

  • select the g-clef symbol and hide it (in my case with shortcut H)

Now let’s start:

  • check the bar handles checkbox. Do you see any bar handles appear? nope I have to press upd.
    uncheck the bar handles checkbox, do you see any bar handles disappear? nope I have to press upd.

  • check the “hide” checkbox (not the “hidden notes” one , that one works fine.)
    Do you see the “hide” info sign appear somewhere in the score? nope → press upd
    uncheck the “hide” checkbox. well you get my drift.

Repeat the proces with all the other checkboxes

I’m just describing a repeatable scenario here by using the checkboxes, but during score editing (also in page mode) there are many other cases in which the score does not update and I suspect that selecting and editing stuff that should not be there can lead to instable situations. When such an exception is thrown, do not forget to go into preferences → scores → editing → Show position cursor again. It will be turned off.


Hans Oosterkamp

One thing I noted is that when I start the scenario again, and check all the checkboxes one by one, the score updates but is lagging one checkbox tick behind. Therefore I conclude that in the eventhandler of the checkbox, the scoreupdate is called before executing the checkboxes functionality while it should perhaps call it after performing the functionality.