Score Edit Manual in Cubase 8.5

Dear all!

I really apologise, but I’m a newbie and I cannot deal with Cubase documentation…

I would like to improve my use of the Score Edit in Cubase 8.5, but I cannot find the appropriate manual. I know that, about 10 years ago, in my Cubase SX3 there was a similar manual, but now I cannot find it in the new release.

I tried to find it in the following directory: <C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 8.5\Documentation>, but it wasn’t here.
Now I’m kindly asking you if it is possible to download it somewhere on the Steinberg website.

Forgive me for having hurted you.


Here you go:

bottom of the page

The Score Editor manual is part of the operation manual (part II).

Thank you SO much!