Score Editor: accidental / key bug when moving MIDI clips in arrangement:

Maybe it’s my workflow, which is extremely agile for this project, as I’m writing for a small music ensemble to play for a dance company. The music is almost done, but there are ongoing if minor choreography changes. All the pieces are in one huge project, synced to a video of the dancers, in order to create PDFs with the sheet music for the (classical) musicians. I noticed that when I already have defined certain musical keys (which come with certain accidentals) for the different pieces, and when I move my MIDI clips within the arrangement, the change of the accidentals that I defined in the score editor does not move with the clips, i.e. it stays at the same place in the score. That means I need to newly create key changes at the new position and delete the old key change that has stayed in the old position.

I guess this is not a bug but simply a missing feature… I mean, given the agility of the process almost requires it from me to be able to prepare as much as possible, so it would be nice to move these manual changes within the score with the MIDI clips in the arranger, right?

For that matter, the same applies to meter changes: Even if I create a meter type track and I can see the meter change as an object in the arranger, and I’m selecting it along with other objects to drag them somewhere, it won’t move with the others…

Thank you in advance for any confirmation, falsification, workaround, etc.

You have understood, I believe.

Probably, using the Insert Time function would allow you to keep the enharmonic and meter choices.

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Thank you - will try that!

Turns out, I’m pretty successful with the “Process Bars” dialogue (“Taktstruktur verändern”). Works best so far in the arrangement and let’s me musically insert and delete time. Not sure about it’s effect on the score key changes, I’ll have to check that when I’m over in score editing…