Score Editor: Adjusting Space Between Top Staff and Chord Symbols


This is the ability to increase/decrease the space between top staff and the chords. Usually the top staff is high pitch such as piccolo and the chords are very close to the notes sometimes overlap make it hard to edit and read.


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Upvoting this feature request.

It would be nice to adjust the spacing between chord track markings and the staff as as the chord markings often run into the top beams especially if you are using polyphonic voicing, for example for drums, and have the stems for your overhead parts going up.

It would also be nice to specify whether you want the chords notated above or below the staff and also have the exact same functionality for the marker track text so that they don’t run into eachother.

It would be nice to be able to set one to go above, and the other to go below, and then to adjust the spacing for both so they don’t run into the stems.

It would also be nice to be able to have the text from more than one marker track automatically show up here as I often use at least two marker tracks I would like to display . . . one to mark sections, and one to mark lyrics

Here is an example of how the chord track text and the marker track text run into eachother as well as the top beams/stems

For clarity I’m referring to these two festures: