Score Editor Articulation from Expression Map when staff have more then one note in the chord

I’m using an expression map to add a “Stacatto” articulation to some notes.
Because the part has 3 notes at the same time, and each of those as the stacatto, Cubase displays the stacatto simple trice in the score editor:
Obviously this is not how it works in music notation … one stacatto symbol on the chord indications the articulation for the entire chord. How do I avoid this weir behavior?

Seemingly you are using the Info Line (at the top of the page) for inserting articulations. In this case select only one note of the chord to insert your staccato.

Another way (that I recommend): use the Expression Map palette from the Left Zone:


Seems like you did not understand my question. The articulations were already inputted through the piano roll. Also - the articulation is affecting playback so it has to affect all notes.

I understood what you wrote, but you did not specify the way you inserted those articulations.
So if the articulations are added in the Key Editor, do not apply the same articulation to all the notes of the chord. Just one articulation added to one note will suffice to affect all the notes in the chord.
Does this answer your question?

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