Score Editor: Avoid Overlapping Symbols

Hey Guys,
Is there a way to set up the layout in Score Editor to avoid overlapping symbols by default. Like the image below?



Unfortunately not… if there was it would be fantastic!
Maybe we will never see it in Cubase… We look forward to the future with great hope… given that at the moment this function is present in the free applications Musescore 4 and Dorico 5 SE

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Thanks for the reply @Danix78 !

Oh i have Dorico 5 Pro, It’s no issue for me about the notation aspect, it’s that i compose mostly in Cubase because i prefer seeing my work as a wide/step back, view of the development of the piece in Midi form in the Key Editor. But why I was asking about the score editor is because the file format i use to go back and forth from Cubase to Dorico is music XML files and the overlapping notes seem to go along with them…It’s no big deal really, once i layer the Dynamics (Graphics) on their own i can (Engrave) the score in a more practical manner. Was just hoping there would be a function that stopped that from happening, but that’s okay i guess.

This “maybe” is being more and more stated as all Cubase is changing somewhat towards the better but the score editor remains behind…

This is not the default position of the tremolo symbol in such a case in the Score Editor.
Did you move it manually?

Hey @Maestro , no i just penciled it on the note. and it stayed there. Even when i move it a bit towards the center of the note and hit Quantize, it goes back to this position.

Mind you, this is also acting as an Articulation trigger in the Key Editor.

Is there a way to have symbols like that, or other articulation triggers like Pizz. and such above the note and the Dynamics would be on the bottom? That would be great.

Of course it’s possible.

First I would like to find out the problem here.
Could you please upload a Cubase project file containing that note and showing this issue?
Just drag the project file and drop it in the reply area on this page.

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Thanks a lot!

Score Editor Test Project.cpr (2.6 MB)

I looked into your file.
The problem is first in your Expression Map setup.
The tremolo symbol should be an Attribute.
Change Direction to Attribue for tremolo (same for pizzicato, accents, trills etc.). You would have to apply again the new tremolo articulation to the notes.

Then if you want to move articulation above or under notes, use the flip tool in the extended toolbar at the top of the score page.
Just select the articulation in the score and click the flip button


Furthermore there is a slight offset problem for some articulations using Bravura font in Score Editor (I have already reported that).

You can use Classical score font instead to resolve that.


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That’s amazing thanks a lot @Maestro !

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