Score Editor: Cannot Mark Diminuendo it automatically turns to Crescendo!!!


Can anyone tell me what is wrong? I have some instruments that when I place diminuendo marking, it converts it to crescendo, the flip does not work. Even when I copy diminuendo from other staff to it, it converts it so crescendo!

Cubase! when you cannot accomplish something correctly, please don’t do it the wrong way!

This is horrible! :imp:

See the attached gif please.



It works to me here. Crescendo draws crescendo and Diminuendo draws diminuendo.

Unfortunately happens as you can see in the gif from time to time! I wish I had access to a cubase version similar to DevTools for debugging JavaScript in Chrome! To see what happens to monitor/log the activities.

I hope this does not occur again.


So it doesn’t happen always? Do you make a (micro) movement to the left by accident?

what is micro movment?


I mean that you move your mouse to the left (very small movement).

Not really. I hope this does not happen again.

Hairpin (cresc. decresc.) must have one condition that include beetween dynamic
for example, p F it appear cresc.
F p it appear Decresc.

Hmm. Thank you. I was not aware of this! I will check it up!