Score Editor, can't write a 16th note septuplet in 12/8

Hi there, I can’t for the life of me write a 16th note septuplet in 12/8. The closest I can get with Build N-Tuplet is a 8th note tuplet. The MIDI part/playback is correct, though.

Here’s the desired result in Dorico, which outputs the exact same MIDI part:

Any Score Editor guru can figure this one out? Thank you in advance.

Hm. Neither can I. Oof.


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I hope my english is good enough to explain my experience:

Cubase apparently assumes that notes in tuplets always sound shorter than the “normal” notes.
But in your case, 7 sixteenth should be distributed over 4 eighths (8 sixteenth), so each of the 7th tuplet note sounds longer than a normal sixteenth.
Cubase doesn’t seem to be able to handle this.

You have the same effect if you form 4 groups of 2-tuplets in a 12/8 time signature.
These are then not displayed as eighths, but as quarters:


Yes @P.A.T you’re right, and Cubase can’t handle this on its own.
One will have to cheat! :blush:
Here is a way


Thank you guys, really appreciate it! @Maestro I love these workarounds, and learn a lot from them. Playback and visuals are in perfect sync now.

I’ve been neglecting the score editor for ages, so I decided to kick off 2023 by learning it properly. So far I’m very impressed by how deep and well thought the whole thing is, it’s clcking with me way more than expected.

Quick question, is it possible to use shift+mousewheel to scroll horizontally in edit mode? If not, kindly put in a request for me. :slight_smile: