score editor - changing clefs

I’m having trouble changing clefs. If I want to change for just one bar I click on the desired clef from the symbols (which gives me the pencil) and then click where I want it but nothing appears.

Does it have to be at the first bar of that line? Can’t I put it anywhere?

With I little more experimenting it seems I can place it after the first note of any bar. And then it affects the notes for the rest of the measure (but not that first one). Huh?


You can change the clef in every single bar, even many times inside the bar.

You are in fact right, to a certain extent :wink:
If you want the clef change for the note on the first beat of a bar, it does in fact place the new clef at the end of the previous bar (which is normally how you would want it anyways :wink: ). If you really do prefer to see the new clef after the barline, then just move it into position with the Hand tool (but you’ll also have to make Hand tool adjustments for the remainder of the contents of the bar in question). For any other position, there is no such limitation, like Martin says :wink:.

Thanks. But I did try that too (and it makes sense). I must be missing something simple. If I can’t get it going maybe I’ll look into a LICEcap.

Are you trying to do this in a MIDI Part that is not at the beginning of the MIDI track, and has perhaps other MIDI Parts on it, which are not consecutive (i.e. there are “gaps” in the MIDI track)? This is often the source of problems (i.e. if you try to create a score event that isn’t actually inside a MIDI Part)

Boy, I think I have no choice but to call this operator error. Brain freeze. Etc.

Went back into my project last night and everything worked like I thought it should (and as everyone has explained in this thread). No problems.

For those that are still looking for a solution as to why their clefs will not change in their score editor, I found that I had copied a midi track from one above (both bearing the same name). This may have caused my clefs to lock to the track with the originating name. Solution?

  1. Using your project window, copy the midi events in the desired track lane.
  2. Delete midi segment.
  3. In the deleted region, use the draw tool to draw in a new segment.
  4. Paste midi events into new segment.
  5. Use score editor to change clef for that region.

Hope that helps any future visitors!