score editor : changing notes length with the mouse ?

In the score editor which, it seems to me has recently evolved and it’s a good thing, we can now move the notes from right to left with the mouse (Cubase adapts what happens before and after in realtime).

Is it possible, for instance by pressing shift at the same time, to change the length of the notes instead of moving it ? I do not think this is possible on 9.5/8.2 but I prefer to ask the question before asking for an update for this feature in a future version of Cubase / Nuendo.



It’s always been possible to move the notes in any direction with the mouse!
Maybe I don’t quite get what you’re describing.

Regarding your request:

you can easily lengthen the notes using the Nudge Palette on the toolbar:
(first make the Nudge Palette appear on the toolbar)
Select the note and click Trim End Right
The increment depends on the Length Quantize.
You can also assign a Key Command to the same Nudge function:
In the Key Command, look for the folder “Nudge” and assign a key command to "End Right’

But if what you want is hold shift, move the note to the right in order to lengthen it, I don’t think it’s possible.
Maybe with some macro, it requires reflection…

This is one reason I’ll often have the Key Editor open next to the Score Editor.

I’m a lazy guy and rather than jump through a bunch of hoops just to do something entirely in the Score Editor, I figure there is no shame in grabbing the end of the note in the Key Editor and dragging.

Thank you for your answers. Sorry I thought moving the notes easily was recent. I will dig to find the solution that suits me the best but I hope one day a little update in this field !