Score Editor Closes Abruptly when I edit/add a note [EDITED]


I guess this is a serious issue. As soon as I move or edit in Score editor it crashes on me. However, it keeps the very last change! I did Cubase Safe start but it still crashes with I do editing in Score Editor. I tried using a empty project and everything was working just fine.I should mention that several times C10 crashes while I was working on the project! I have attached few of them here!

Score editor starting crashing 30 minutes ago and it only in the 7 minutes song project that I have been working on since passed two weeks.

What should I do to fix this?

Any help would be appreciated.

Cubase (277 KB)


I see different crashes here.

Some of them are in EastWest Play. Please make sure the Play is up-to-date.

Then I can see 2 different Cubase crashes. Please update to Cubase 10.0.15. If it’s still crashes upload a new (Cubase 10.0.15) *.crash files, please.

I did not mean Cubase crashed, I meant Score Editor just closes on me! Maybe I should have rephrase it.

I cannot believe I had cubase 10.0.10. I will upgrade and check it out.

Thank you,

Just to let you know that this does not happen in Cubase 9.5 same project.

It seems the issues I have with Score editor is with Cubase 10. We will see.

Thank you again.


Score Editor closes, when you delete the MIDI Part.

Or if I do any changes to any events. This does not happen in C9.5. I just switch to that version.

I sent over yesterday my full project, they are working to see what it is behaving like that in C10.

I spent a lot on these technical issues more than I should. I wish I had not upgraded to C10 and stick with C9.5.


Any concrete example, please? A video?