Score Editor: closing the key editor also closes the score editor

If I open the Score Editor while the Key Editor is open, closing the Key Editor (by hitting the Return key) will also close the Score Editor.


What is your configuration, please? Do you open Key Editor in the Lower Zone and the Score Editor in the separated window? Or both in windows? Which of the window do you open as first?

I open both editors in separate windows. Thank you for asking.


Sorry, I cannot reproduce it here. Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Btw, I don’t see the key Editor at your screenshot…

I attached the photo so that you can make an Idea about how is my setup. Sorry, I should’ve mentioned that I use the Key Editor only on the Mac’s screen. Anyway, I’ve tried the safe mode. It still behaves the same way. Follow the following steps to reproduce the issue.

  1. Create an empty project.
  2. Add a MIDI track.
  3. Draw a one measure MIDI part.
  4. Click on “Scores/Open Score Editor”.
  5. Close the Score Editor.
  6. Go to MIDI/Set up Editor Preferences.
  7. In the second drop-down menu select "Double-click opens Editor in a Window and click OK.
  8. Double click the MIDI part.
  9. Go to Scores/Open Layout and double-click the layout in the list.
  10. Bring the Key Editor in focus.
  11. Close it (with return key, or by clicking the red round button at the left of the window).
    -> Result = the Score Editor also closes.