Score editor: Drum score/neutral clef should ignore all key-changes AND not apply enharmonically shifted notes.

Score editor: Drum score (with neutral clef) should ignore all key-changes/(#, b) and not apply enharmonically shifting on notes.
When running a score with a neat drum map and then changing the key to something it is unpredictable what the score will do, basedrums may be suddenly notated as pedal hats hihats may be suddenly appear as kind of toms.
You probably: “Yeah do not change the key for the entire project then.” But that’s pretty cumbersome when scoring for full orchestra and just a few staffs with a neutral sign.

Can’t you set Local Keys in Staff>Main tab of Score Settings?

Thanks Steve will try.
But man, keys in neutral clef, it just does not make sense. I’m supposed to hide them at every change in “number of bars on staff bar” layout I presume.

Did you look at the image?

I did have a look at the picture, but now I have a closer look and I see the light wow! I thought you were just pointing at one of the oldest pieces of UI since my ATARI just change clefs and keys over there. But now I do see the “use local keys” check box! many many thanks man! I better start reading the manual again.