Score editor/expression maps question

I’m still trying to devise a workflow where I do 100% of the note placement in the score editor. I figured out how to do staccato with expression maps, but I’m bothered that it’s treated as a locking key, i.e. it stays staccato until another expression tells it to be normal. Any way to make it only apply to one note, like actual notation?

Change to attribute instead of direction in expression map setup.

Yes, this :slight_smile:.

It is set to attribute…

In addition you need to define your default (normal) articulation in the first slot of the Expression Map setup.

Cool, that seems to have worked. It’s been hard to find information on this stuff, since most people probably use piano roll, and my googling just comes up with decade-old posts about Cubase 5 and crap. Should I just make a “general” expression map with basic symbols and use it for everything? The built-in ones don’t seem to do anything, I assume since they’re just meant to make the score look good and not alter MIDI data.

Of course you can. Granted that all your instruments are set to use the same articulations with the same MIDI data, controllers etc …

I’ve run into another question. I’ve successfully made an expression for vibrato - had to use a knob rather than aftertouch, but I think that’s Massive’s fault. What if I want the vibrato to start halfway through a note instead of right at the beginning? In Guitar Pro you could add vibrato to the second half of a tie etc.

Only by using Directions instead of Attributes (which, I know, brings you round full circle with respect to your original post :wink: )

I got a vibrato direction working, but there doesn’t seem to be a good way to return it to normal. Wish you could paint a range for these. I made a normal direction setting the appropriate controller to 0, but it didn’t actually do anything. Only when it hits a later staccato attribute does it stop vibratoing.

EDIT: Guess I didn’t place the symbol close enough to the note.

I have been having the same sort of issues so this post is great.
Yes, few people use score editor but I really prefer it for strings even when it is just a pad
and R&B horns…



Me too. Hope SE gets some more care.