Score editor - global staff spacing.

I can see in the documentation how to change the spacing between staves, but it seems you have to do this for every page in the score.
Is this correct? I have hundreds of pages to do.
I’ve tried with the “Global staff Spacing with Alt-Ctrl/Cmd” option ticked and unticked.
Not sure I understand the Alt-Ctrl option - when do you press these?

Global spacing refers to setting the space between grand staves and staves within grand staves in one move- not to whether all pages are affected.

So, if you want to set the spacing between all grand staves in the project, without affecting he spacing within each grand staff, use the alt/opt modifier while dragging the first staff of the second grand staff.

Hope that makes sense! :wink:

Is a grand staff just two staves grouped together?
What I want is similar to the picture. With three groups (ensembles) of staves, for example, on every page.
Each group separated by a spacing wider than that of the staves within an individual group.
Is this possible?

I’m not sure he wants to adjust spacing for grand staves specifically.
By the way the manual specifies that you can use “Global staff Spacing with Alt-Ctrl/Cmd” option with Position Info settings, while this option is used when dragging staves, as steve explained.

I think that what you need is just holding “Alt” when dragging your staves.
This way the spacing is also applied to all following systems/pages in the score.

Edit : @rhjenkins I posted before reading your last post but the procedure is still valid

Guess it didn’t! :laughing:

He’ll probably tell you after he has finished banging his head against the wall :laughing:

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I think I’ve got it now.
Score Settings | Layout allows you to insert brackets or braces, and drag them to enlarge them to encompass the ensemble of tracks.
The picture below would be a better one than one-track example given in the documentation.

Still can’t work out yet how to apply the same staff spacings to all pages.
Thanks for all your help.

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I’ve managed to change the spacing between the sub-staves within each grand stave now for all pages (just by modifying the first page) using the Alt key and dragging each to its new position, making use of the Position Info to try to make the spacing even. I’m surprised this spacing isn’t available in the Score Settings/ Project/Spacings so it can be set uniformly and precisely.
Thanks for all your help.

That parameter is available in the Auto Layout dialog in the Scores menu.

Auto layout looks very interesting.
It fits as much as it can on each page and excludes staves if they are unused for that page. This does mean that staves jump about a bit from page to page. Spacing gets stretched to fill the page - which is disconcerting - I haven’t found a parameter to control this yet.
The staff spacing parameter is just a minimum - I want it to be fixed.
I will look further at the documentation.