Score Editor - Going from C9 to C12

Hello folks

Recently updated from C9 to C12 and I’m noticing more and more little issues in the Score Editor.
I’ve already made a posts about Tempo Track Editor lagginess if modified while the Score Editor is open; and the issue of ‘Hide Stems/Rests’ being checked randomly for certain tracks.
But I thought I’d start a thread to perhaps collate any further observations I make.

These are all issues that I did not have in Cubase 9…

Something I’ve been noticing since the upgrade is a slight - but really problematic - lagginess when entering or selecting notes on a stave.
If I position a note on the stave using the mouse, waiting til I hear the pitch I need, and then release the mouse button to place it: that moment of releasing the mouse button would instantly drop the note where it is at that moment - in Cubase 9. Now in C12 I notice that for a fraction of a second AFTER releasing the button, any fractional mouse movement will still move the note. I find that I’ll choose a note position/pitch release the mouse button then suddenly hear the pitch shift to a nearby note, and the note will be pitched wrongly on the stave.
Perhaps similarly, I notice that if I select a group of notes on a stave, if I release the mouse button IMMEDIATELY after the rectangle of selection covers the notes I need, the notes most recently taken within that rectangle may not actually be selected.
These are I guess relatively minor problems, and I guess most people would not follow such a clunky note entry method, but it’s really becoming a bit of an obstacle to my workflow. Any ideas what I can do about this?

Also, I was very happy that this latest C12 maintenance update returned mousewheel/vertical-scroll functionality to the Score Editor. It is in fact the redress that allowed me to finally upgrade from C9.
But the vertical scroll speed is just too fast!
I generally have a full score layout in the editor, and it seems just a small movement of the mousewheel will fling me from the double basses right up to the piccolo! If I want to scroll up just a few staves it is impossible.
Can anything be done about this?


I cannot reproduce the behavior you described regarding note entry and note selection combined with fast mouse movements.

I probably haven’t described it very well!
In the process of mouse based note entry, I would place the note at the pitch I need and release the mouse button to place it. And as soon as I released that mouse button the note was where I wanted and I didn’t need to think about it anymore, so I would quickly and fluidly be onto placing the next note. Now when I release to place the note I often hear a change of pitch AFTER I have released the button and started moving the mouse. It really must be a fraction of a second. But it interrupts my workflow.
Do you get what I mean?
The same with note selection. Actually, I might be able to get a video of the note selection issue.
I would just assume it was a problem with my mouse rather and Cubase, but I did not have this problem with Cubase 9.

What you are saying is clear. On my system (See my profile) I can’t reproduce either.

You don’t provide your system info, so now I will ask you to share it. I really do not understand why people don’t give this most basic information when posting an issue, or at least typing it into the forum profile. 100% of the time when it is not included, it must be requested in an additional post.

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Hello Steve
Apologies for not providing system info!
You’re absolutely right - and it must be frustrating having to additionally prompt for it. So, sorry.
Here tis…
i7 12700K, 128GB DDR4 RAM, 2x 2TB Samsung 980 Pro NVMe drives, 1080ti GPU, Steinberg UR22 Audio Interface, Windows 10.

I put your system specs in your profile.

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Thank you Maestro.

So… anyone else noticing this behaviour?


Can you choose just one thing to investigate?


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